Mission Statement

Saint Saviour Catholic Academy prepares students from Nursery to Grade 8 for higher education.  In accordance with Catholic values, we educate students in mind, body and spirit.  Within a culturally diverse community, we create an environment where each child discovers a unique enthusiasm for learning, academic excellence, and social responsibility to reach his or her highest potential.

What's happening at SSCA?

OPERATION MOVE ALONG -  It has come to our attention that the Police Department will be ticketing all cars double parked on the 8th Avenue as well as the side streets.  To avoid a ticket please adhere to the police department policy of no double parking.  Violators will be ticketed with hefty fines of $115.

Thank you for your interest in Saint Saviour Catholic Academy.
At SSCA we educate children from all walks of life in a nurturing and supportive Catholic environment. Beginning in our early childhood program our teachers create an exciting, developmentally appropriate curriculum encouraging the children to explore their world through hands-on activities. Our elementary grades offer a balanced curriculum of rigorous academics and a vibrant arts program paired with the spiritual teachings of Catholicism. We believe that education encompasses the academic, social, and spiritual needs of the learner and try our best to differentiate the instruction so that those areas can be addressed. Every individual who walks through our doors is unique so the type of instruction offered needs to replicate that.

Upcoming Events

Thu, Apr 17 - Sun, Apr 27
Easter Recess

School is closed
Sunday, April 20
Tuesday, April 29
Communion Practice from 3:30 to 5:00

Wed, Apr 30 - Fri, May 2

New York State Testing - Math  - Grades 4 - 6 - 8
Saturday, May 3
First Holy Communion

Saint Saviour Church - Mass - 11:30 AM
Friday, May 9
May Crowning - 11:30

Progress Reports Distributed